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China head coach Li confident on remaining World Cup qualifiers******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's national football team is set to travel on Sunday for the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.。

Due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, the two games, which were scheduled to be played at home against Oman on November 11 and Australia five days later, have been moved to the Middle East.。

"I am confident that the team will fully tap their potential to claim better results in the two games," China head coach Li Tie told Xinhua before the team's departure.。

Li's task is made harder by China having to play its home games at neutral venues, as its quarantine requirements make it impractical for overseas teams to come into the country.。

"We have been longing to play our upcoming games at home," added Li. "What I have been doing is helping the players perform better under the current circumstances."

Li admitted that the players were disappointed about not being able to play at home, but added that "they are nevertheless still very devoted to their training."

"It will be more difficult for them to show their best form, but the coaching team will do our best to help them adjust," said Li.。

After suffering defeat to Saudi Arabia on October 13, the team then returned to China for nearly one month. Li believes that the time spent back home has made his players psychologically better prepared for the upcoming matches.。

On Friday, the Chinese Football Association announced that five players were excluded from the squad that will depart for Sharjah.。

Li explained that Gao Zhunyi suffered a leg strain during a warm-up game on Wednesday that will keep him out for around two weeks. Guo Tianyu, Wei Shihao, Wang Shangyuan, Yin Hongbo were also dropped.。

"We thought about recruiting other players, but because many Chinese Super League teams are on holiday, we have very limited options," said Li. "After due consideration and discussion, we decided to take the current team to Sharjah."

Li's team performed well in warm-up matches on Wednesday, with naturalized players A Lan and Luo Guofu both playing a full 90 minutes and scoring a goal each.。

"In the two-month training period, both of them have made great improvements in all aspects through their hard work.。

"We have been monitoring the players' physical data in real time through technological means," said Li. "I believe that no one knows them better than I do, and no one's desire to win the game is stronger than mine."

"Any player, as long as he meets the requirements for the game and can help the team, I will not hesitate to send him to play," added Li.。

With one win and three losses, China currently sits nine points behind Group B leader Saudi Arabia, who has the maximum 12 points from its first four games, and the game against Oman will be especially crucial to China's hopes of qualification.。

"After I took charge of the team, my main goal was to have our players in their best form in every game, no matter how strong the rival team is," said Li, noting that he will not pay too much attention on current points and positions.。

Li attributed the team's previous performance to a lack of experience in international games.。

"I used to play in the Premier League. Playing with and against top players all the time got me used to that environment, so when I then played for the national team, I didn't feel nervous," noted Li.。

"Playing overseas is an effective way to improve our players," added Li. "I hope that we will have more talented players playing in top-tier leagues and international games."

From the two six-team groups, the top two of each group will qualify directly for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The two third-placed teams will then face each other in a two-legged playoff, with the winner entering an intercontinental playoff. Enditem。

1.5K到2K价位段手机怎么选?OPPO K9系列产品挺好******

  一年一度的双十一大促早已来临了,坚信有许多的小伙伴在双十一时间范围拥有换置手机上的方案,但不清楚有哪些性价比高较高的型号。而在先前OPPO发布了全新升级的K9系列产品手机上,得到了销售市场的非常好意见反馈。OPPO也在双十一时间范围前最近再一次发布了K9s,K9 Pro这2款全新升级商品,为顾客提供了新的挑选。在双十一活动期内,OPPO K9系列产品的主题活动价钱从1.5K到2K价格段均有一定的遮盖。假如对K9系列产品有兴趣的好朋友,能够看一下这三款手机上你更合适哪一款。

  OPPO K9:

  OPPO K9是OPPO在上半年度发布的一款性价比高型号,其采用了骁龙处理器768G的SoC,这一颗骁龙处理器768G为7nm加工工艺生产制造,最大cpu主频2.8GHz,采用1个超大型核 1个大核 6个花核的组成,能不错的均衡功能损耗和性能。在日常应用上针对许多的要求,OPPO K9配备的骁龙处理器768G也可以非常好的达到。

  OPPO K9所采用的屏幕为90Hz的6.43寸OLED成孔屏幕,适用180Hz的触控采样率。因为采用OLED屏幕的设计方案,因此OPPO K9应用的是屏下指纹的开启计划方案。

  监控摄像头层面,OPPO K9配备了6400W像素的主摄 800W像素超广角镜头 200W像素微距镜头总共三颗监控摄像头的后摄组成,在前摄像头层面则是采用了3200W像素的监控摄像头。别的层面,OPPO K9采用了4300mAh的充电电池和65W快速充电,整个机械规格净重为:172g和7.9mm,有着8GB 128GB和8GB 256GB的版本挑选,颜色层面则有炫彩之翼和黑桃K可选。现阶段双十一旗舰级主题活动市场价为149元起。

  OPPO K9s:

  OPPO K9s是OPPO最近K9系列产品发布的2款新产品之一,和原来的K9有一定的差别,其在性能层面有一定的升級。

  最先在主要的SoC上,OPPO K9s有一定的升級,从OPPO K9采用的骁龙处理器768G升級为骁龙处理器778G。骁龙处理器778G采用6nm制造加工工艺,在其中的CPU为八关键设计方案,具备4颗A78大核,GPU为Adreno 642L。CPU和GPU一部分的性能比骁龙处理器768G均有40%的提高。针对玩家而言,感受实际效果会更好。

  而在屏幕层面,OPPO K9s则是采用了6.59英尺成孔LCD屏幕,屏幕比例为90.8%,这一块6.59英尺的LCD屏幕适用到最大120Hz的刷新频率和240Hz的触控采样率,视觉冲击和应用意见反馈上面有进一步的顺畅提高。

  因为其采用了LCD屏幕的设计方案,因此OPPO K9s改成了侧面指纹识别的计划方案,但在应用感受上仍然非常好,开启全是比较随手的。OPPO K9s配备了6400W像素的主摄 800W像素超广角镜头 200W像素微距镜头总共三颗监控摄像头的后摄组成,在前摄像头层面则是采用了1600W像素的监控摄像头。整体而言,达到日常拍攝的市场需求是轻轻松松的。

  OPPO K9s外型有幻紫流砂,黑耀石战士,霓幻银海颜色可选,在其中的幻紫流砂采用μm级光哑共体加工工艺,有很好的视觉冲击。在规格和净重上,OPPO K9s幻紫流砂版本整体机身薄厚在8.7mm上下,净重为202g。别的层面,OPPO K9s有着6GB 128GB和8GB 128GB版本可选,充电电池为5000mAh,较大电池充电输出功率为30W。价钱为1499元起。

  OPPO K9 Pro:

  OPPO K9 Pro双十一过后也是有特惠,价格段在2K上下,相较为于K9和K9s,OPPO K9 Pro拥有许多的升級,配备更为平衡。

  最先在性能层面,OPPO K9 Pro采用了MTK的天矶1200 SoC,相较为于OPPO K9s的骁龙处理器778G又有一定的提高,主要表现更为优异。而且采用了USF 3.1的存储集成ic,在读写能力性能层面也会有更强的主要表现,日常应用会出现更强的感受。

  而在屏幕层面,OPPO K9 Pro采用了6.43英尺的Super AMOLED开洞屏幕,这一款屏幕适用到120Hz的高刷新频率,触控采样率为180Hz,适用DCI—P3色彩饱和度和HDR 10表明,采用了全面屏手机电子光学开启计划方案。

  OPPO K9 Pro配备了6400W像素的主摄 800W像素超广角镜头 200W像素微距镜头总共三颗监控摄像头的后摄组成,在前摄像头层面则是采用了1600W像素的监控摄像头。整体而言,达到日常拍攝的市场需求是轻轻松松的。

  OPPO K9 Pro还配备了NFC作用,在日常应用上,开展公交地铁等情景的交通出行的时候会更为便捷。OPPO K9 Pro所配备的充电电池则为4500mAh,电池充电速率为60W,在颜色上有着黑耀石战士,霓幻银海,冰川前奏曲可选,规格净重层面约为180g净重,8.5mm薄厚。OPPO K9 Pro有着8GB 128GB和12GB 256GB二种配备可选择,双十一活动价格1999元起。


  OPPO K9在各领域都比较平衡,在1.5K价格段是一个合乎绝大多数人应用的挑选,其65W快速充电和OLED 屏幕的应用,在日常能产生非常好的应用感受。OPPO K9s则在性能层面更进一步,但电池充电领域的感受减少至30W,针对性能有大量要求的好朋友,能够考虑到这一款型号。

  OPPO K9 Pro则在性能,电池充电,屏幕层面的感受都有一定的升級,而且还添加了NFC等比较好用的作用,日常日常生活以外,也是有非常好的游戏感受,总体更为优异,在2K元价格段也是非常值得考量的目标商品。

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等等党们笑了 LCD面板供应价格发生显著下跌趋势******自上年半年度逐渐的LCD面板价格上涨的浪潮,或将在2021年获得显著减轻,将来一段时间大家也许会见到电视机商品发生迟缓的价钱下降趋势。自上年半年度逐渐的LCD面板价格上涨的浪潮,或将在2021年获得显著减轻,将来一段时间大家也许会见到电视机商品发生迟缓的价钱下降趋势。



China uses digital technologies to cut carbon emissions in transportation******

GUIYANG, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- The rapid development of digital technologies is prompting a shift in China's traditional transportation industry.

Achieving a fuel consumption of 27.75 liters per 100 km, Jiang Zhili, a 39-year-old truck driver from central China's Henan Province, was the runner-up in an online fuel-saving contest involving truck drivers.

In addition to excellent driving skills and experience, Jiang attributed his success to a mobile app that can monitor diesel consumption of vehicles in real time, evaluate drivers' operation and give reasonable suggestions after analysis.

Developed by Jiefang, a truck subsidiary of China's leading automaker FAW Group, the app was launched in 2019, which has made truck driving easier and more fuel-efficient.

Transport is responsible for around a quarter of direct CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, according to statistics from a United Nations report on sustainable transport.

Carbon emissions by the transport sector in China account for about 10 percent of the country's total carbon emissions, with over 80 percent from the road freight transport, data showed.

As China strives to meet its commitment to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, it has encouraged deep integration of new technologies like big data, internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain with the transport sector, as well as more efforts to foster a green and low-carbon way of transport.

The total size of China's intelligent transportation market increased from 42 billion yuan (about 6.53 billion U.S. dollars) in 2011 to 165.8 billion yuan in 2020, with an annual growth rate of about 20 percent, according to statistics released by China Intelligent Transportation Systems Association.

Manbang Group, China's leading domestic freight service platform, has used digitization to help reduce carbon emissions in transportation.

Headquartered in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, the company serves around one-fifth of the country's truck drivers, with businesses covering more than 300 cities nationwide.

With smart recommendations through the use of big data, Manbang Group helps truck drivers find goods quickly and reduces empty-load rates and fuel consumption, cutting carbon emissions by an estimated 330,000 tonnes in 2020, the company said.

"We actively fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations by promoting cost reduction, efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction in the logistics industry," said Xu Qiang, vice president of Manbang Group.

In the future, the company will establish a carbon emission management platform, optimize the transportation organization mode and promote the use of new energy vehicles, Xu added.

Besides highway freight service, other sectors in the transportation field have also been adopting new technologies to tackle carbon emissions.

When an aircraft descends, putting the landing gear down too early will consume more fuel, while putting it too late will affect safety. Based on big data analysis, China Southern Airlines deduced the best height to drop the gear.

The company has also figured out other methods covering takeoff, flight and landing to save more fuel.

Data showed that from 2018 to 2020, China Southern Airlines aircraft had saved 127,000 tonnes of fuel and reduced carbon emissions by 401,000 tonnes.

"The full application of internet and digital technology in the transportation sector plays an active role in improving the industry efficiency and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions," said Tan Xiaoyu, a senior engineer at the Transport Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport. Enditem






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